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​About Us

About Us

About Us

Our team & our clients are our true strength.

DigiForm founder team with the core engineering team has been in the business of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for almost two decades. We have seen the last 4-5 major technology waves the world has gone through. This collective experience makes us one of the most capable teams in the market to create, deliver and manage your mission-critical technology solutions to keep your business at the forefront of the competition.

With coverage across multiple time zones, we are geared to take care of most of your technology needs and are flexible to offer the services in different pricing models to fit your budgets. we don't consider ourselves to be the lowest when it comes to pricing, but when you look at value for money - we can confidently stand up to be among the top.

When you sign up with us, we don't consider that as a win. We consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a lasting technology transformation journey with you - our customer. The true win comes later once we help you achieve your business goals.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of innovative technology solutions for enterprise customers around the world, empowering them to achieve their business objectives through cutting-edge digital transformations.

Our Mission

To provide innovative technology solutions for customers worldwide, enabling them to achieve their business objectives through cutting-edge digital transformation. We achieve this by leveraging our global presence, deep expertise, and a commitment to long-term partnerships.

Life at DigiForm Intl.

We are a truly diverse group of founders who found our common goal and built a business harmonizing the strengths we have. We wanted to create an open culture that encourages uniquely talented individuals thrive at their work. 

We always focus on three priorities when it comes to our team.


We recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere, so we encourage creativity and innovation across the board, and true innovations that contribute to the business are rewarded.


As all the experts say career growth is in the hands of the individuals who seek growth. While we agree, we believe it is our responsibility to enable an environment that fosters growth.


During the unprecedented COVID time, we enabled our team to work from home and it seems like the majority have now fallen in love with the concept. We have fully embraced the new work rhythms our team members have gotten used to.

Absolutely serious when at work, But ... at times we put out crazy hats too!

Why choose us?

​Why choose us?

Our ability to combine the latest technologies with industry best practices ensures that you receive top-notch solutions that maximize your ROI.


With years of experience in the technology industry, we have a deep understanding and a range of unparalleled expertise to provide the most suitable effective solutions to meet your business needs.


We understand that every business is unique.  That's why we opted at our inception itself not to be a cookie cutter solution provider. We offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


From project planning to deployment and ongoing support and every important step in between, our team of engineers are dedicated to delivering complete solutions that help you succeed.

Meet the Founders ...


A digital strategy to drive long term growth.


Precise actions focused on short and mid term results.


Strategy and Actions deeply focused on business outcomes.

Chief Executive Officer


If not planned & executed properly, your digital transformation strategy can orchestrate the demise of your business without you even knowing and by the time you discover this it'll probably be too late. 

Driven by my passion to help customers, I founded DigiForm Solutions with an aim to deliver premium quality consultancy services backed by actionable execution.

Not only that. Over the years we have made significant investments to build a worldclass team to deliver premium edge solutions at cost-competitive price points.

Myself, my consulting partners, solution engineering and delivery teams are at your service to listen and understand your vision, challenges  you are faced with. We have top of the range best practices and tools at our arsenal to help you.


Absolute simplicity in the solutions provided.

Cost Concious

Implement the "right" solutions within agreeable cost parameters.


Long term focused technology roadmap that adopts to the dynamics of the business.

Chief Technology Officer


Passion for tech is what keeps Wellington ticking. Obviously that entails staying drowned in all the modern day tech gizmos including ChatGPT, Dall-e and many other AI tools.

He is always looking for ways to translate technology solutions into business outcomes, and have done so in countless instances throughout his career. Most importantly, he brings to the table a unique ability to simplify and solve complex business problems with technology.

Avid gamer, Si-Fi Movie & TV Series enthusiast.

With over a 20 years of experience in solution delivery and technology evangelism, he packs experience working in multinational tech giants such as Microsoft. He is also a serial entrepreneur in a  range of tech and non-tech ventures. 

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