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​​Frequently Asked Questions

​Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach us on if you cannot find the answers to your questions here.

What are the modes you offer your services in?

We are fully geared to provide our services as a managed engagement or a staff augmentation. For any short term project requirement it would based on a project based scope of work & quotation.


How do you ensure quality delivery?

Project management is an essential component in every project for us. Depending on the scale of the work and the responsibilities assigned to us we allocate PM resources. If PM is a part of the expected scope we ensure dedicated PM resources are allocated. In other instances, we ensure to allocate adequate hours from a pooled PM resource. When it is a large scale delivery and when multiple PMs are involved, we ensure a CSM – Customer Success Manager is assigned to ensure smooth delivery.


How do your cost structures work for projects?

It varies and we are flexible to make it convenient for our clients. Depending on the solution and the type of work done, the payments may be based on hourly rates – billed monthly or billed for the project or could be on monthly fees – billed monthly. Or if you prefer a completely different payment structure convenient for you, we are flexible.


Do you provide 24/7 Technical Support?

Yes. We operate a 24/7 NOC for mission critical business applications. This includes real time monitoring, managing and troubleshooting applications and attending to Level 1 – Level 3 technical and customer support. Depending on the nature of your business we can structure a support engagement for you.


Are you available for 1:1 meeting?

Of course. We have on ground teams across several cities globally – in Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne in Australia, New York & Miami in United States, Dubai and in Colombo Sri Lanka. We are also geared to travel to any destination with short notice when duty calls.


How are payments accepted?

All invoices are raised from our business entity in Singapore and applicable taxes may get added to the invoice. We can easily provide you options for Wire Transfers or online fund transfers via payment channels such as or Our company bank accounts are maintained with OCBC Bank Singapore.


​Frequently Asked Questions

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