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​The Complete Guide to Kick Starting AI Transformation

The Complete Guide to Kick Starting AI Transformation

The Roadmap to AI-Driven Business Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming entire industries and redefining what it means to be a competitive business. While AI may seem daunting, its potential to revolutionize operations, workflows, and service is universal - no company can afford to lag behind. This eBook provides the strategies every organization needs to successfully adopt AI, even starting from zero.

Making the AI Business Case

Crafting a persuasive AI business case involves assessing readiness, identifying use cases, calculating ROI, and convincing leadership to pursue transformation. This chapter provides a step-by-step guide for building a compelling case backed by hard data.​



AI Strategy and Planning

A critical first step is an AI readiness assessment, understanding the current state of people, processes, data, and technology to construct the business case and highlight priority areas in the roadmap.​



Getting Help Building AI Solutions

Companies choose between in-house talent and external experts for AI solutions. This chapter explores the investments, timelines, costs, and benefits of each approach to help make informed decisions.​



Getting Your Data Ready for AI

The potential of AI relies on quality data. This chapter guides organizations in assessing existing data landscapes and addressing gaps in governance, infrastructure, and processes for successful AI integration.



Making AI Work for Your Business the Right Way

Business leaders adopting AI must implement systems ethically. This chapter provides practical guidance on AI ethics and governance, emphasizing the risks of neglect and offering a framework for small and medium enterprises to align AI with their values.



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