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What to Expect From a Digital Transformation Consultant

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Digitalization is not just getting processes from paper into computers – it’s meant to be transformative for a business. The process entails leveraging technologies to produce new revenue and value-producing opportunities (Gartner Glossary).

Digital transformation consultants help businesses identify areas that can be enhanced or improved by implementing technology or maximizing the current technology in use. Here is what you should expect when employing one.

What to Expect From a Digital Transformation Consultant
A Transformation Consultant with a Client.

Important things to consider before selecting your Digital Transformation Consultant

Gap Analysis

The consultant typically begins by conducting a gap analysis. This entails an analysis of the organization’s requirements, resources, current processes, and ability to scale. The gap analysis might be conducted entirely surrounding new processes and systems or in relation to digital systems that are already in place, but require upgrading or improvement.


Once the gap analysis has been completed, the consultant reports recommendations for digital transformation. Whether this entails procuring a new system, upgrading a current system, enhanced end user training, process optimization or a combination of tasks will depend on the gap analysis results and available resources.

Long-term Success

Finally, the digital transformation consultant should set your company up for ongoing success. They should offer change management procedure suggestions to assist with keeping your systems updated moving forward. All maintenance and change management procedures should be written and approved by management for maximum ownership. Throughout this process, the consultant should consider the end users and keep them engaged.

Wrap Up

In the end, you should be confident that your company’s processes are now optimized and maximizing technology use. End users should feel confident in utilizing all new or updated digital systems to be more efficient, thereby creating more company value. Management should have the knowledge to maintain the systems and complete any change control work.

Interested in learning more about how Digiform Solutions can assist with your digital transformation needs? Check out our learning modules and resources pages or Contact Us directly.


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